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ModAvia Ltd.

We are a manufaturer of world class model planes for airlines, collectors, toy & souvenir wholesalers / retailers

Our models are simply 'World Class'. We are an international manufacturer of model aircraft on fine desk stands. All models are hand made and produced purely from wood; unlike easy-to-break plastic models. We only use wood from re-forested areas! The paint finish is done by artistic hands, very accurate and flawless. We specialise in custom designs, especially with individual color schemes, logo, etc. !

Our ProductionProduction

Beneath, please see a few thumbnails of our big collection. To enlarge the thumbnails, please click on them

A model receives its basic paint:


Skilled, artistic hands finish the plane markings, logos and paint design:


Volume orders are getting ready for shipment:


We certainly also do special requests and custom designs, as these 8 foot long Titanic models show:


We execute single and volume orders alike. Please e-mail us for any query or question you may have. We gladly entertain every inquiry!

All our models are custom made!!

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